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    Profit from strategically focused advice.

  • Fiduciary

    Excel today. Plan for tomorrow.

  • Business Advisory

    Meet and exceed your business goals.

  • Industries

    Turn obstacles into opportunities.

  • Company Formation & Management

    Total Compliance provides both onshore and offshore solutions for those operating in the worldwide marketplace. We will help you select the ideal company type in the most beneficial jurisdiction for your specific needs. Our comprehensive management and administration suite includes options for accountancy, tax compliance and full secretarial services.

  • Offshore Incorporations

    We have an extensive global network in the most tax efficient jurisdictions throughout the Caribbean, Europe, Central America and Oceania. We provide a wide range of options along with rapid incorporation services.

  • Intellectual Property Rights

    Our intellectual property rights package facilitates the day-to-day management and performance monitoring of clients’ assets. We ensure contracts are complied with, licenses are renewed and royalties collected. Additional services include trademarking, design and domain registrations, patent filing and prosecution, asset protection, and management services.

  • Trusts & Foundations

    Total Compliance has extensive knowledge and experience in creating Trusts and Foundations. Our global network gives us access to multiple options that can benefit our clients. Our selective use of specified jurisdictions adds to the creation of tax efficiency and wealth protection. We keep in lock step with the rapid changes in the industry to ensure our client’s objectives are not just met, but exceeded.

  • Family Office

    Total Compliance will work with the family’s existing trusted advisors to structure and manage the family’s assets. When necessary, we will enlist the support of a range of financial planning and investment administration specialists from our extensive network of professionals and intermediaries.

  • Accounting & Tax Efficiency

    Total Compliance can act as your primary accountant by drafting and filing corporate tax returns, applying for extensions and exemptions, drafting and filing employer returns and assisting with all follow up enquiries. We can also serve as an internal administrator in full cooperation with your own accounting or financial staff. Our professional team provides accounting and taxation compliance services for high net worth individuals as well as businesses, in the meeting of statutory audit requirements. We offer a comprehensive range of additional services including the preparation of monthly, quarterly or annual accounts and financial statements for audit, as well as general bookkeeping and payments account maintenance.

  • Bank Account

    We assist clients in opening bank accounts worldwide, both onshore and offshore. This can include pre-paid Visa, MasterCard or American Express charge cards dominated in key currencies. We also offer ongoing support and management with signatory services for client accounts to facilitate payments, transfers and other transactions. We provide necessary maintenance of banking records and remittance monitoring.

  • Trade & Treasury

    Clients operating worldwide trading operations often do not wish the added hassle and expense of maintaining local offices. Our dedicated team can provide a comprehensive range of trade support services including management of mail forwarding.

  • Payroll & Outsourcing

    Clients who employ staff in jurisdictions in which they are not wholly familiar with local authorities and regulations, may wish to take advantage of our payroll and outsourcing services.

  • Office Solutions

    Total Compliance provides a comprehensive and customized suite of post-incorporation office services aimed at simplifying clients’ ongoing business operations.

  • Joint Ventures

    We advise individuals and organisations that are looking to form strategic alliances on how to develop and exploit their business opportunities. We counsel on all types of joint venture arrangements including corporate joint ventures, contractual joint ventures and joint ventures using limited or limited liability partnerships. Our team can assist with structure, funding, minority protections, tax, regulatory issues, intellectual property, employment and any other matters arising from the establishment and management of such arrangements.

  • Corporate Governance

    Our team ensures that clients are kept up to date with developments in corporate governance as and when they occur. We regularly advise on issues such as investor protection, Listing Rules, directors’ responsibilities and remuneration, and corporate social responsibility.

  • Anti-Money Laundering

    Total Compliance recognises the significance of anti-money laundering regulations in the modern business world. We regularly advise our clients on the UK legislation in this area (including the Proceeds of Crime Act 2005 and the Money Laundering Regulations) and the implications of any breach. In recent years, the onus has been placed firmly on businesses to ensure measures are in place to prevent money laundering through their own internal control policies and customer due diligence. We can help formulate appropriate policies in this area and provide training for businesses and their employees.

  • Manufacturing & Supply

    We work with a large number of businesses in the manufacturing sector and have developed vast knowledge in this area. We provide advice covering both environmental and health and safety regulations. We also advise clients on issues related to international supply contracts, outsourcing, warranties and indemnities.

  • Confidentiality & Trade Secrets

    Total Compliance recognises that trade secrets and confidential information are crucial to the success our clients’ businesses, especially where they are operating in competitive markets. This information might be manufacturing data, marketing plans or computer codes. We are able to provide advice to our clients on how best to protect such information and prevent it from being leaked to competitors. In the event that it already has been, we will suggest measures that can be taken and help rapidly implement them.

  • Consultancy & Outsourcing Agreements

    Our team regularly provides advice to clients on a range of issues related to Consultancy and Outsourcing Agreements. We understand the value that consultants can bring to a business and the benefits they offer in terms of saving money and time and increasing productivity. However, there are many issues to be considered when drafting such agreements, including confidentiality, protection of intellectual property, non-disclosure clauses and service levels. We take all such issues into account and ensure that any Consultancy or Outsourcing Agreement is tailored to meet your specific requirements and is drafted to your advantage.

  • Data Protection Basics

    We guide start-ups through the basics of data protection rules and requirements, including assisting with the formal notification process of regulators. We also help them identify personal data flows and the purposes for which they can process that data and then obtain appropriate consents for such processing.

  • Internal Processes and Procedures

    We help our clients develop policies and procedures that cover the necessary regulatory requirements and safeguard the confidentiality and security of their data, but still allow their businesses to operate effectively. Our experience includes developing and implementing acceptable usage policies for the use of e-mails and other IT systems.

  • Advising Controllers and Processors

    We work with clients along the data usage chain, whether they are controllers taking responsibility for processing or processors providing data services to others. We establish roles and responsibilities and put in place the appropriate documentation and contractual commitments.

  • Conducting Privacy Audits

    We provide reviews of the data protection status of businesses and run thorough compliance audits. This generates practical advice on how to improve governance and responsibility, policies and procedures, performance measurement controls, training and awareness, and reporting mechanisms.

  • Internet and data protection

    Total Compliance has particular experience in the privacy and data protection challenges which clients face from all aspects of trading and communicating with customers and contacts online. This includes email marketing and the various consent scenarios for opting in and out, the writing and implementing of website privacy policies, and the practical responses to online security threats.

  • Risk Management

    Companies need practical and effective security measures to safeguard confidentiality and privacy. We provide advice and support on technical measures, from the encryption of data and integrity of systems and communications, to operational and organisational measures. This includes staff management and training.

  • Cookies

    The use of cookies is regulated by the new European Union rules and requires local implementation and enforcement. We help our clients understand the employment of cookies and similar technologies by assisting on internal reviews. We identify and audit cookie usage, establishing how the new rules apply on a case-by-case basis. Finally, we develop appropriate cookie policies and tailored consent mechanisms.

  • Data Trading and Transfers

    Total Compliance has experience with the trading and licensing of databases and data lists in compliance with relevant data protection, e-marketing and intellectual property requirements. We advise our clients on international data flows and the relevant options for ensuring adequacy under EU and other data controls.

  • Unauthorised Disclosures

    We advise and support clients with specialist crisis management to respond effectively and efficiently when a breach of security, data loss or other unauthorized disclosure occurs. This includes those arising from theft, deliberate systems attack, accidental loss, or equipment failure. Regardless of the particular circumstances, we can help manage the incident appropriately and prevent a reoccurrence.

  • Trade Mark, Design & Domain Registration

    We register trademarks, designs and domain names in the UK, Europe and the rest of the world. We conduct full clearance searches and provide strategic advice to protect your brand.

  • Patent Filing & Prosecution

    We prepare and file UK, European and worldwide patent applications. These include conducting pre-filing searches, drafting patent specifications and prosecuting applications as well as providing grant, infringement and validity advice.

  • Commercial & Licensing

    We extract the maximum value from your IP assets by developing and establishing a brand and/or franchise or by licensing your existing brand. We will also draw up all necessary distribution agreements.

  • Asset Protection

    Our trust and company specialists will work with you to organise a bespoke offshore structure to secure your IP assets and ensure the best financial return.

  • Management Services

    We provide strategic trademark, design and patent portfolio management including the handling of formalities, worldwide renewals and the policing of your IP against misuse.

  • White Label Software Agreements

    If you provide software solutions that you wish to license to others, we can draft the necessary contracts. These could be for manufacturing agreements, software agreements, etc. We will also ensure that your IP is still protected, even though your processes may be integrated with those of the other party. All controversial points regarding ownership of databases and exit procedures will be firmly and advantageously negotiated.

  • IT and Digital Media Rights

    If you are instructing consultants to develop software, it is important to safeguard that you remain the sole owner of the end product. Total Compliance can conduct an audit of your internal and external contracts to ensure that your IP is being adequately protected.

  • Classification

    We can assist you with the classification of your games with the Entertainment Software Rating Board, British Board of Film Classification and Pan European Game Information System.

  • Data Compliance

    We will guide your company through compliance with local laws on data processing, including data transfer outside of the European Economic Area (EEA). We are also able to independently assess your policies and working methods to minimise any breaches of data protection laws. When you receive payments from your users, you will need to consider what credit/debit card information your website collects. We will assist you to meet all necessary standards with respect to the Payment Card Industry (PCI).

  • Advice on Advertising and Promotion of Games Campaigns

    The advertising of computer games needs to comply with local laws and industry guidelines, including the CAP/BCAP. Members of the Pan European Game Information System are required to subscribe to the PEGI Code of Conduct. We will help ensure the advertising of your games is targeting appropriate age groups and that you are aware of the legal limitations of in-game and virtual world advertising.

  • IP Registrations: Trademark, Design and Patents

    Computer games are a combination of different Intellectual Property rights that include the designs of the characters, the copyright of the software, and the trademark of the brand name. We assist companies with the trademark registration of the brands used within a game, the design registration and copyright registration (US exclusive) of the ‘look and feel’ of a game and its in-game characters. For innovative games, we are able to review the patentability of technology and software, and assist, wherever possible, with the prosecution of international applications. We also provide patent search services and support during the software development process, to reduce the risk of patent infringement.

  • Licensing In and Out and Publication

    Part of the process of increasing your game’s potential revenue streams is to ensure it is adequately licensed across different formats in various territories and markets. We can assist you with the licensing of your software to third parties and the production of distribution agreements. Conversely, we can support your acquisition of licences for in-game use of third party trademarks and copyrights.

  • Agreements

    We can draft all necessary contracts to protect your valuable Intellectual Property, especially during the software development process, which might require outsourcing. In the highly competitive online market, any website ‘downtime’ can have lasting negative effects on your business. We will ensure your online game is provided with reliable hosting and consistent on-going support by negotiating the best and most comprehensive Service Level Agreements. The contractual relationship with your users is an important part of protecting your product and business. It also helps to manage expectations. We will therefore assist with the production of End User Licence Agreements and Terms of Use.

  • Electronic Money

    If you provide virtual currencies to your users, or exchange virtual currencies, then you need to consider whether you fall under the Electronic Money Regulations 2011. We will review your business and assess your compliance with the Regulations and aid you in the authorisation process.

  • System Guidance

    The sale of virtual goods between players can present money laundering and financial fraud risks. We can help you put in place both technical systems and policies to mitigate them.

  • Buying and Selling a Website

    A website is an asset. Purchasing one requires a fair assessment of its value through proper due diligence. We will walk you through every step of this process from negotiating the heads of terms, to producing the agreement and facilitating the sale.

  • Online Intellectual Property

    We can help you register trademarks to protect your website, brand name and logo, even if your business is strictly online with a worldwide customer base. We can also prepare a usage policy for your website and provide you with the technology to monitor your brand, logo, text and images to identify any imitators. For novel websites, we can review the patentability of their underlying technologies.

  • Setting Up a Website

    A website is a composition of many elements including copywriting, graphics, software development, usability, marketing and e-commerce. Understanding how to combine these elements to maximum advantage can be a daunting process. We can put you in contact with the right people to do just that, and produce the contracts necessary to ensure your website is built on a solid and enduring foundation. In addition, we can ensure that any intellectual property is protected through trademark and design registrations.

  • Data Protection and Privacy Policies

    The key to effective marketing is extensive data collection and thorough knowledge of your customer base. However, data protection laws are extensive. For example, recently passed ‘cookies laws’ require websites to obtain express consent from users to employ cookies. Data processing also necessitates careful consideration. If you process sensitive data, you need to be aware of the particular requirements of doing so. The first step is to consider whether you need to notify the Information Commissioner regarding this activity. At Total Compliance, we can draft policies and structure your website to ensure full compliance with all data protection and processing laws.

  • E-Marketing

    Internet marketing constitutes affiliate marketing, pay per click, solid links from high-ranking websites, content of quality and quantity, and clear communication with your prospective customers. If email campaigns are one of your preferred methods of marketing, you need to be aware of the intricacies of the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations 2003. Also, buying databases to use for marketing requires particular due diligence to ascertain whether or not they are fit for such purpose. Total Compliance can work with you to ensure your collection or data acquisition strategy is effective and your marketing efforts compliant with all relevant regulations and laws.

  • Hosting and Infrastructure

    A hosting agreement can be very standard, provided your website is not running Amazon. However, heavy traffic requires a very specific Service Level Agreement. The expectations of both parties need to be set out in writing so that there are no surprises if the site goes down. We can help you prepare and negotiate the right SLA to suit your exact requirements. Also, if you outsource your business processes, you need to be sure that every element, from the protection of your IP to your deliverables, is dealt with in the agreement. Total Compliance can assist you to prepare these contracts and guide your course through both hosting and outsourcing.

  • Online Trading

    Selling goods and services online still shares common ground with brick-and-mortar retail operations. You need a solid contract, balanced enough to engage your customers but robust enough to protect your position. Selling via the internet (distance selling) involves additional rights for customers, granted by the Consumer Protection and Distance Selling Regulations 2000. The basic premise of these regulations is to allow customers a ‘cooling off’ period and to adapt the contract making process to the remote nature of the transaction. Accordingly, the structure and presentation of your website all the way through to the online terms, needs careful consideration.

  • Transactions and Payments

    If you are running an e-commerce website, it is vitally important to ensure you have payment solutions readily available. You may also want to integrate your site with alternative payment options such as Pay Pal, Neteller, etc. At Total Compliance, our connections with the online payment industry is extensive, so whether you are providing standard goods or need high risk processing, we can find a solution that perfectly fulfils your needs.

  • Compliance Review of Website

    Often, having an independent, objective review of your work can be hugely beneficial. When you have spent too much time on a project, it can be difficult to separate the ‘trees from the forest’. We can offer a comprehensive compliance review of every aspect of your website including PCI compliance, data collection, marketing, copyright and intellectual property audits. At its conclusion, you will have a report with pragmatic solutions to dramatically improve your website and raise it to meet all regulatory requirements. We will then help you to prioritise and implement our suggestions.

  • Licensing

    The needs and expectations of our clients vary. By examining individual circumstances, we’re able to obtain licences quickly and efficiently in any jurisdiction. We consider all factors such as country of residence and domicile, tax treaties, corporate and personal income taxes, local gaming laws and the host country’s quality of infrastructure.

  • Due Diligence

    Our strategic relationships with key regulators and strong alliances with leading global law firms mean we have the infrastructure in place to fast track licence applications and ensure full transparency.

  • Business Plans & Marketing Strategy

    We specialize in defining clients’ brands and developing marketing strategies that let them stand out from the crowd. Our expert advice in creating business plans allows them to firmly withstand shareholder scrutiny and to secure further investment.

  • New Entrant’s Start-up Service

    We ensure clients create a business structure that maximises their revenue capability in their target market. We provide strategic and operational support that includes human resource vetting, internal control systems consulting and reduction of back-office costs.

  • Education & Training

    We’re currently the only independent UK firm specializing in training for eGambling compliance, Anti-Money Laundering and Counter Terrorism Financing. Each program is specifically tailored to the requirements of individual clients.

  • Payment Gateways & Banking

    We’re intimately familiar with our clients’ businesses. That puts us in an advantageous position to refer reliable payment gateways and financial partners that are ideal for our clients’ operations.

  • Partnership

    We have alliances with dynamic, trusted and cost-effective support organisations. These relationships benefit our clients and help streamline their path to success.

  • Intellectual Property

    We protect the brands, designs and technologies of our clients. Our specialist team provides international patent, trademark and design registrations. We rigorously defend and enforce our clients’ valuable intellectual property rights.

  • Business Advisory Support

    Total Compliance offers the most comprehensive eGambling service possible. We can draft and review licensing contracts, handle transactional work, and navigate clients through multi-jurisdictional guidelines and laws.

  • Licensing

    Our primary licensing jurisdictions are Belize, Cyprus and Malta. We review your business in detail and determine which licensing category you would fall under. We then discuss with you the various licensing jurisdictions and what each has to offer. We manage the licensing process completely, including the production of all the systems’ documentation and the business plan. We also liaise with the licensing authority and manage the required due diligence. We help you structure your operation to conform to all local laws and your particular licensing obligations. One of the main concerns is often the level of capitalisation required to operate a forex or binary options business. We guide you through this process so that no step comes as a surprise and you are aware of the extent of your full commitment before commencement.

  • Payment Processing and Banking

    We have strong relationships with merchant banks and payment processors such as Neteller, Western Union and PayPal. We can work with you to ensure your website is connected with the best processors for your business and the most suitable to your specific requirements. We can also provide you with corporate banking solutions including segregated client accounts.

  • Advisory Services

    Many of our private clients already have a sophisticated understanding of the principles underpinning tax efficiency and wealth protection. However, in a rapidly changing environment, they rely on Total Compliance to ensure their objectives are not just met, but also optimised. Others may need a tailored strategy in response to new situations. Whatever our clients’ unique circumstances and priorities, we deliver.

  • Offshore Structures

    Our specialist advisors devise offshore strategies and efficiently execute complex offshore structures. We also provide our clients with registered office services, company secretarial services, nominee shareholder services, third party director services, and the filing of statutory accounts.

  • Private Banking

    All offshore corporations can benefit from bank accounts available in any currency. Because we are able to open to accounts quickly, clients can start trading almost immediately. Our express incorporations are available in over 10 jurisdictions. In most cases, it takes just 72 hours to incorporate and less than 48 hours to open a bank account. Our range of additional banking services include offshore current accounts and anonymous pre-paid Visa, Mastercard or American Express charge cards denominated in key currencies.

  • Trusts & Foundations

    Trusts and foundations are both extremely valuable tools for individuals looking to ensure efficient tax planning and to maximise protection of wealth. At Total Compliance, we establish and provide full trusteeship and administration in a wide range of offshore trusts. We also assist clients to avoid all potential pitfalls associated with the inheritance of wealth. Additional services we offer include international trust and succession advice; assistance with the setting up of international trust structures for the protection and devolution of family assets; resolution of trusts and succession disputes; philanthropy and charitable structures; international trust litigation and asset tracing.

  • Private Office Services

    We provide concierge and administrative services via a dedicated team, as well as offering more complex strategic support, both offshore and onshore. Our business advisory services include a review of financial and operational results, business succession planning, temporary or part-time CFO and Controller services, and coordination with banks, alternative funding sources, and outside advisors.

  • Advisory Services

    Our experts will identify the best solutions to meet your business requirements. We work with both start-up merchants who are looking to expand, and larger organisations that want to consolidate their payment methods and reduce their costs. We can assist you whether you are seeking high volume transactions with low commissions or a plethora of alternative payments from the most well known to the more local and obscure.

  • Offshore Processing

    Offshore companies may struggle to find payment solutions for their activities. Our connections allow us to present such companies with appropriate choices or help them restructure to open up further options in the processing market.

  • Gaming Processing

    Acquiring banks can be quite selective about which operators they accept. Depending on where you are licensed, we can connect you with the right processor for VISA and Mastercard card processing. We can also service your operation with most alternative payment solutions.

  • Gaming Processing

    VISA and Mastercard processing of gaming transactions usually depends on where the operator is licensed.

  • Forex and Binary Options Processing

    Forex and Binary Options is still an uncertain area of processing. Some banks treat it like gaming, others like financial services. In any event, whether you are licensed in Belize, Cyprus or elsewhere, we will pinpoint the best solution for your specific business and connect you with ideal processors.

  • Games

    Our Intellectual Property specialists counsel gaming companies on the best methods to protect their intellectual property, as well as the hardware and software innovation behind it. We work closely and diligently with them to understand how to acquire content and maximize its potential exploitation.

  • Internet

    Worldwide regulations governing international, internet business have become increasingly complex, especially in the areas of data security and privacy. Many of our clients, including global leaders within this sector, have come to rely on us for expert advice on high-profile deals and high stakes disputes. Our groundbreaking work in this regard has helped to define certain areas of internet business and e-Commerce, thereby giving our clients a distinct advantage.

  • IT Services

    At Total Compliance, we realize that the backbone of a technology company is often its IT service providers and consultants. It is imperative to protect IP, secure valuable employees and put in place robust contracts with customers. We strive to understand our clients’ specific needs in this regard, and work hard to draft favorable agreements that secure their company’s long-term prospects.

  • Publishing

    The publishing environment remains challenging as society gravitates toward the preferred digitization of content. We can help publishers to rapidly respond to such changes, to anticipate the effects of new technology and to protect their audiovisual and interactive content, which traditional publishers must increasingly develop.

  • Digital Media

    As we expand into the digital age, businesses have thrived by embracing emerging technologies and failed by clinging steadfastly and exclusively to traditional media. We will help you to re-invent your business to conform to rapid advances. We have expertise in film, music, TV, games, publishing, advertising, marketing and social media.

  • Advertising and Marketing

    The advertising sector is dynamic, creative and timely. At Total Compliance, we do out best to mirror these qualities. We use our extensive experience to tailor expert advice to our clients and ensure they adroitly navigate the rapidly changing media landscape.

  • Outsourcing (industry)

    Many of our clients rightly see outsourcing as a long-term business relationship, rather than a simple contract between them and a service provider. Total Compliance offers pragmatic advice to clients to help them pinpoint ideal outsourcing options for their specific business. Our goal is to streamline our clients’ business efforts by suggesting partners who will dramatically improve our clients’ operational efficiency through innovation, new technologies, and quick responses to market changes. We also handle a wide range of related legal matters at all stages of the outsourcing deal from contract negotiation through termination strategies.

  • Who we are

    Total Compliance is a Business Advisory Services Firm. As trusted advisors to some of the world's most discerning individuals and businesses, we deliver efficient and effective solutions to their most challenging and complex concerns.

  • What we do

    Protect and optimise wealth. Everything we do is highly personalised, professional and effective.

  • How we do

    Total Compliance creates the unique structures required for maximising income, tax efficiency, estate planning and business value. We understand no two clients are the same. And that's why we're different. The key to our services is constant innovation, the speed and strength of our network and the power of our connections. We have a rigorous and thorough approach, which means we never cut corners or take chances. We also offer the reassurance that comes with knowing every aspect of your personal and business finances have been attended to with absolute discretion.

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